Young Homeless

Homelessness can have a huge impact on the lives of young people. We provide support to those who aren’t able to live at home and help to ensure they have a future.

At Base 33, our definition of homelessness is broad. We don’t only help young people who are sleeping rough, but also those sofa-surfing or at risk of being kicked out.

There are a number of circumstances that can put young people at risk of homelessness. Poverty, family breakdown and rejection are just a few.

Homeless young people can be at considerable risk. Many turn to drugs and crime, and exploitation is a serious concern. We help young people to deal with the issues behind their homelessness, as well as helping them to find a place to stay. Our non-judgemental approach focuses on helping young people in need to get stability and work through their issues as a whole.

We have helped families to reconcile, allowing young people to return home, but where this isn’t an option we work with other agencies to find them a safe place to stay.

We’re proud to be a partner of Centrepoint, the national charity that gives homeless young people a future.

Sarah’s story

“Last year I became homeless after getting kicked out by my mum, my life at home wasn’t good because I was always in trouble with the police and basically my mum just didn’t want me.

At first I slept on the streets and sometimes on the Leys. I used to rob food from shops, when I could I stayed at my mates and it was through them I found out about Base 33.

Youth Workers spoke to my mum who told them I wasn’t to go back home so they took me to meet a women in housing at the Council. They got me a place staying with a host family – I didn’t like it, you know when you go to a mates house and they make you feel welcome but you know you are just a guest – well I felt like a guest all the time and it wasn’t for me.

I kept visiting Base 33 and youth workers helped me with getting benefits and tried to get me involved in activities that stopped me getting into trouble. For a while I live in a place for homeless people in Oxford but I hated it and came back to Witney.

With Base 33’s support I got a place in Supported Housing. I kept seeing my Youth Worker and got a job but I couldn’t manage to keep it, I tried my best but always felt thick and like I wasn’t doing a good job.

I started volunteering at Base 33 and joined a project working on a Country Estate it was mad when I met young people that were going through the same things I had. I loved volunteering and didn’t feel any of the worries I had when working. At Base 33 I felt at home and not judged, I felt like it was ok to be me and that my experiences could be useful to help other young people.

I feel like I am growing in confidence and the Youth Workers are now helping me work through some of my worries so that I can go to college. They have even taken me to a place called Mind and I have met some of their staff.

I still have a long way to go but feel that I am in a much more positive place. My mum still doesn’t want me back but I am not as upset about it – it still hurts but I am learning that it’s time to think about me and how I can make changes. Base 33 is my family.”


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