Who We Have Helped

Each week we work with over 150 young people, providing a wide range of support services. Find out more about just a few of the people that we’ve helped.

The young people we work with at Base 33 often feel as though they have nowhere else to go. Many have been in contact with other agencies, but due to the complex nature of their problems they’ve found it difficult to get help.

We take a holistic approach, helping young people to address the causes of their issues and work towards improving their lives.

How We Helped Jacky

Jacky first came to Base 33 for support when she was 15 and suspected she was pregnant. Unable to talk to family or school she came to seek support from a Youth Worker.

Youth workers at Base 33 are trained in how to give advise in sexual health. Jacky was very clear she wanted to keep the baby and wanted us to help her tell her mum and school.

The following nine months were hard for Jacky; her mum died of cancer and she didn’t have the support of her father, she felt alone and confused.

Base 33 worked with Jacky and went with her to housing and she was allocated acommodation within a supported housing scheme.

This year her son started school and Jacky came to us for support with an application to college. Despite leaving school without qualifications she has now enrolled on a course to learn how to be a Hairdresser.

“If you would have said to me when I first found that I was pregnant, that at 20 years old I would be a great mum and a hairdresser I wouldn’t have believed it!

Jacky’s story is just one example of how Base 33 supports young people to overcome challenges, find opportunities and live independently.