Rural Outreach Youth Work

Many vulnerable young people find it hard to walk through the door of support services and ask for help. Our detached work enables youth workers to meet young people out in the community in West Oxfordshire.

We understand that many disadvantaged and vulnerable young people feel excluded by society and let down by inconsistent and ever changing services. Our approach focuses on building relationships with young people on the streets, housing estates and parks where they congregate. By meeting young people in their own territory, we’re able to develop trust and begin helping with their problems.

Our outreach work has helped support over 1,400 young people in the last year alone. We help them with substance misuse, unemployment, homelessness, mental health and any other issues they may be facing. Rather than focusing on a single issue, we recognise that many young people have a complex set of interrelated problems.

Base 33 engages with problematic young people and diverts them from anti-social behaviour. They have a strong track record of success in this area and in the past three years their work has contributed to a 60% reduction in anti-social behaviour calls in the Witney area.

Community Safety Team, West Oxfordshire District Council

We’re able to provide them with advice and emotional support as part of our outreach youth work, as well as refer them to our own services and other agencies as appropriate. In doing so we help young people who often feel that they have nowhere to turn. This work benefits local communities by reducing anti-social behaviour and crime.

Our process for engaging with young people

Our success is in part thanks to the steps we take to build strong, long-lasting relationships with the young people we help.

  1. We meet young people out in the community, on their own terms; at skateparks, outside shops and in estates.
  2. We work hard to build relationships with individuals, listening to their problems.
  3. We use these relationships to better understand their issues, from homelessness and drugs to anti-social behaviour and lack of opportunities.
  4. We offer support, guidance and information to help young people to tackle their issues.
  5. We engage further, developing projects in collaboration with young people. Helping to get them off the streets and avoid risky behaviours.
  6. We help those with complex problems to access the relevant support agencies and services, going to meetings with them if needed and assisting with completing forms.

Help us to help Witney’s young people

If you are interested in finding out more about our outreach youth work, or how you can support Base 33 please contact us.