Our Story

In 1998, the Anglicans, Congregationalists and Methodists joined together to give birth to Base 33 Ecumenical Youth Trust, made possible by a large grant from the Council for World Mission.

It started with a youth worker on the streets with a base at #33 High Street. Base 33 became a family for young people. In partnership with young people, an expanding team helped young people to become more confident in their life choices.

Base 33 has changed over the years to meet the needs of young people in our community, offering on-site education, overseas volunteer experiences, and a plethora of qualifications to improve life chances. Off-site education ceased and new opportunities were found for a drug and alcohol worker. Base 33 Charity continues to be shaped by that original vision to help young people flourish.

Churches continue to participate in governance and financial support even as Base 33 Charity continues to grow and adapt.