Mentoring Young People

Many of the young people we work with are dealing with multiple issues and have complex needs. We’re able to offer intensive and holistic support, helping them to turn their lives around.

The young people we work with face a number of difficulties. Many have had problematic family lives, poor attendance at school or are involved in risky behaviour. Their experiences with other agencies have often left them disillusioned.

Individual support for young people

We can make a real difference to the lives of young people by helping them to approach their issues as a whole, rather than as independent problems. We provide weekly one-to-one sessions with professional Youth Workers that enable young people to work through their issues and concerns.

Pete’s story
“On Monday I saw a drugs worker but they couldn’t help me with my housing issue – how can I think about getting off drugs if I am about to be kicked out of home? I don’t know if I can get any benefits and every time the Job Centre give me a form to fill in I just leave. I’m not telling them I can’t write. I don’t have any money and no-one is going to give me a job. Drug dealing is all I am good at, I am in court next week and likely to get done away.”
Pete aged 17.

Pete’s experience is not uncommon. Because the agencies he was dealing with are focused on a particular facet of the problems he faced they weren’t equipped to help him change his situation. Our approach is different. We understood that his problems were interrelated and we were able to work with Pete across all of his issues.

With our mentoring support we worked with Pete, helped him set a series of milestones to work towards and attended meetings with him at the Job Centre and Housing. His main priority was to sort things out at home. His parents had set him an ultimatum to get off drugs or move out. We supported him to create a plan to reduce his drug usage and get specialist support and he has shared this with his parents. He still has a long way to go to turn his life around but he has a plan and new support at home. Problems can’t be fixed overnight, which is why the long-term support that we provide at Base 33 is so important.

Help for as long as it’s needed

We don’t put time limits on the support that we offer to young people. Whether they need help to get through a short term difficulty, or weekly meetings over several years to help them get through complex issues, Base 33 is there for them.

Deep rooted and complex problems take time to resolve. We help young people to develop strategies to tackle their problems themselves and support them for as long as it takes to work through their issues.

Your support is crucial

If you are interested in finding out more about our youth mentoring, or how you can support Base 33 please contact us.