Job Base

Supporting Young People into education, employment and or training

The young people we support are often out of work or education. Due to their circumstances, many don’t feel capable of taking even the first step towards employment. We can help them to succeed.


The young people that we work with often experience low self-esteem, lack confidence and have chaotic lifestyles. All of which can make it difficult to find and maintain employment.

We work with them to tackle their social issues, as well as helping to develop employment skills and build their confidence. This holistic approach is what sets Base 33 apart and translates into great results. Our pilot Job Base scheme involving 76 participants has had a fantastic success rate: with 74% now in employment, education or training.

Helping young people into work

Our Job Base programme uses a proven structure to help young people feel prepared for job seeking and succeed in their job hunt.

We provide intensive one-to-one support with trained Youth Workers to work through the issues that are preventing them from accessing employment.

Participants also take part in group sessions where they learn crucial employment skills such as communication, time keeping, self-presentation and CV writing.

Once they’ve developed these skills we conduct practice interviews with them and introduce them to opportunities for employment, apprenticeship and further education.

At the end of this process, the young people involved feel much more prepared to take their first steps into the job market, and many have succeeded in finding jobs, getting places on further education courses or enrolling on apprenticeships.

Stuart’s story

We first met Stuart through our detached youth work. He was later referred us by his parents who were becoming increasingly worried by his anti-social behaviour and low-level offending.

Stuart had been out of work for 18 months. He’d left school without any qualifications and had been unable to find a job. He lacked opportunities and the boredom that resulted from this was leading to increasingly risky behaviour. He had developed a problem with drugs and his criminal behaviour was getting worse.

He joined our Job Base pre-employment training project and our Youth Workers provided him with tailored support. Through the mentoring programme and group sessions we helped Stuart to develop employment and skills training, as well as tackle his substance misuse and criminal behaviour.

“Base 33 helped me to get up in the mornings. I didn’t think I had any chance of getting a job and they helped me to see that opportunities may become available if I got myself together and stopped messing about.”
Stuart, 19

With our support, Stuart developed new skills and interests. The pre-employment training enabled him to build his CV and learn how to write job applications. When he needed us to, we went with him to interviews and paid for his transport costs.

Stuart now has a job at a local computer company. He still visits Base 33 for emotional support, but he continues to have a reason to get up in the mornings.

Help us to get more young people into work or education

To find out more about our pre-employment training for young people, or how you can support Base 33 please contact us.

“Job Base is a pro-active and engaging scheme which is tackling youth unemployment head on locally. The project, which works with disengaged teens to get them into employment, training or education, has a very good success rate and I want to wish Base 33 continuing success with their commendable efforts.”
David Cameron, Prime Minister