Drug, Alcohol and Substance Misuse

Problems with substance misuse can have a profound impact on young people throughout their lives. We focus on early intervention and changing behaviour through targeted individual support.

Drug, Alcohol and Substance Misuse Issues

For the young people that we work with, drug, alcohol and substance misuse can be a contributing factor or a consequence of the problems that they face.

Substance misuse is risky in itself, but many young people exhibit other risky behaviours that result from the use of drink, drugs and other substances. In time, these behaviours become normal, causing problems for the young people involved and for wider society.

Our services include:

  • Education programmes highlighting the risks associated with substance misuse.
  • Provision of alternative positive activities to distract from negative behaviour.
  • Targeted individual support to help individuals change their behaviour and reduce usage.

Helping to change risky behaviours

We work with young people one a one-to-one basis to identify the root cause of their issues. We help them to develop strategies that will challenge and de-normalise their negative behaviours. Together, we identify opportunities to introduce positive activities that match their personality and fit their needs. These include volunteering, gym membership or signing up to a sports team.

Participants set their own targets for risk reduction and have seen great results. 60% of participants have reduced the amount or type of substances they use and many have found employment or are attending school/college more regularly.

Ashleigh’s story

Ashleigh came to Base 33 after his escalating drug use and chaotic behaviour led to him being kicked out of home. He’d been excluded from school and felt “thick and useless”. He couldn’t imagine anyone giving him a job.

Bored and frustrated, Ashleigh turned to drugs. They seemed like an easy option.

We worked with Ashleigh to identify what lay behind his behaviour. We supported him to develop new skills and qualifications and encouraged his parents to let him move back home.

He’s now completed a bricklaying apprenticeship, has significantly reduced his drug use and is enrolled on the Base 33 pre-employment training programme.

“Without Base 33, I would probably be in prison and I would not have a family. Base brought me closer to family and showed me how to deal with situations correctly. Without Base a lot more people would be back on the streets and a lot more trouble would happen.”
Ashleigh, AGE

Help us to improve more lives

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