Since 1998 Base 33 have been supporting the young people of Witney and West Oxfordshire when they need it most. Our detached youth work involves engaging with young people on their own terms, helping them to get back into society and achieve their full potential.

Our mission is to support young people across West Oxfordshire with a range of youth work interventions. We are often the first point of contact for vulnerable or at risk young people facing many challenges and complexities. Base 33 is unique in the way that we offer support because we offer meet young people on the streets, through detached youth work, provide an open access drop and rural outreach where we pitch up in the villages ensuring young people have access to information, advice, guidance, fun, friendships along with participating in activities.

Our wide range of services mean that we are able to help young people with multiple issues, or those that fall through the gaps in other services.

Working with young people between the ages of 13-24, we can provide some much needed continuity for those whose lives can be quite chaotic. Our services are not time-limited, so we’ll work with our young people for as long as they need our support and guidance.

Through our detached and outreach work, we take our services out to young people, removing the barriers to accessing support and developing trust with young people who may feel that they have nowhere else to turn. We have an open door policy and young people can walk in and access our service, but we also take referrals from parents, the Neighbourhood Police Teams, schools and other youth agencies.

Our approach has had real impact on the community in Witney and the surrounding area. Each year we engage with over 1500 young people through our detached youth work and our services have helped reduce instances of antisocial behaviour by 60% over the past 3 years.

In order to continue to support young people in Witney, we need the support of individuals and businesses. If you can help us through donations, volunteering or other means please get in touch.

We support young people with a wide range of issues, including those who:

  • aren’t in full time education, employment or training (NEETs),
  • have drug, alcohol or substance misuse issues,
  • are experiencing difficulties such as teenage pregnancy, youth homelessness, family breakdown or criminal offending.

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