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Why local businesses should consider us for their chosen charity

Thursday, March 10, 2016

In order to maintain our current level of support in the community, we need to raise £170,000 each year. Being solely funded through donations and the generosity of the local community, this isn’t the easiest of tasks.

By choosing us as a chosen charity, you are effectively sponsoring our work at Base 33, we are happy to accept donations and or services. Support of any kind helps towards our fundraising targets and raise our profile throughout Witney and the surrounding areas.

At Base 33 we have a specific focus on operating as a business, as well as a charity. By doing this we can see how our relationship with businesses can be beneficial to both sides. By choosing us as your business’ chosen charity we endeavour to support you in every way possible.


We are currently in the process of having a new website built where we will be able to advertise all of our fantastic supporters.

Part of our growing online presence includes the optimisation of our social media accounts. We are being supported by Urban Element, a Witney based, digital marketing and web design agency, who created our social media accounts and have been instrumental in growing our Twitter and Facebook presence. Social media coverage is just one of our means of publicising our relationships with out supporters.

Local events

With the overwhelming success of our sell-out concert in October, we are thinking of more fundraising events. As with Base and Harmony, we will be featuring all of our sponsors on any marketing material that we produce. All of these events will be heavily publicised throughout Witney.

Networking opportunities

Ever since we decided to conduct our work focusing on business we have been attending a local networking group called Juice. At Juice we have been able to develop relationships with various Oxfordshire based businesses such as System & Solutions, Martin & Co Witney, The M Group, NatWest Witney, Urban Element and Everyman Legal.

As a Witney based charity we feel it’s important to meet with like-minded business people to raise our profile. We encourage all of our sponsors to attend our events where they can also meet other local business people.

Please contact us to find out more about choosing us as your chosen charity.